Once a team of 3-5 members, with at least 1 Law student is formed and successfully registered, the problem statement and a comprehensive rulebook will be emailed to the registered teams 2 weeks prior to the start of the Hackathon.

Each team need only sign up once. The person who signs up on behalf of the team will be known as the Team Leader and will receive information about the Hackathon through their email.

After your acceptance is confirmed, SMU LIT will help you to find potential teammates subject to availability. You will also be added to the LIT Hackathon 2021 Discord server where you can also meet the other participants.

Participants will be added to the LIT Hackathon 2021 Discord server where the opening/closing ceremonies, Alumni sharing sessions, panel sessions with our Platinum donors, etc will be held. Zoom links will also be circulated in the Discord server for the necessary events.

No there will not. However , we have lined up talks from our various partners over the three days. They will over have virtual booths over discord where you can ask them questions and find out more about them.

The LIT Hackathon 2021 is only open to students of Singaporean-based Institutes of Higher Learning (regardless of nationality) so as to facilitate the delivery of prizes and event merchandise to our participants.

Yes, we welcome all students from Singaporean Institutes of Higher Learning.

Yes. Digital certificates will be provided for participants.

Teams are expected to come up with prototypes at the end of the Hackathon. These will be submitted to the judges on the final day. 

Teams are strongly encouraged to submit prototypes as opposed to a proof-of-concept.


The Problem Statements will be released 2 weeks in advance to facilitate preliminary research and planning.

We have no stipulated standards for programming expertise. However, do note that for the technical aspect, teams will be judged based on the functionality and user experience of the product. We strongly encourage teams to produce working  prototypes as opposed to a proof of concept/design concept since this result in higher scores.