Lai wei lin

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Law

2nd Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education

Lai Wei Lin is the Permanent Secretary in Singapore’s Ministry of Law and 2nd Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education. At the Ministry of Law, she oversees legal policy and legal industry matters, and works with stakeholders and partners to strengthen access to justice and rule of law in Singapore, as well as the development of legal services to support the Singapore economy and society.

At the Ministry of Education, she oversees the development and planning of the higher education system, policies and programmes, and works with the Institutes of Higher Learning and other institutions to ensure their smooth implementation. She also oversees MOE’s efforts to strengthen academic and social support for disadvantaged students from preschool to higher education, and policy and planning for the special education sector.

Wei Lin currently sits on the Boards of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore University of Technology and Design and the Singapore Mediation Centre. Wei Lin is also a member of The Community Justice Centre Limited.

Wei Lin graduated from Harvard University and has been with the Singapore Administrative Service since. She was awarded the Eisenhower Fellowship in 2018.